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IB Times: Indian Americans dominate the top echelons of U.S. business

Vinod DhamIndian Americans only account for 1 percent of population, and yet they have ascended to dominate influential positions in American medicine, academia, business and tech.

A recent article in the International Business Times, highlights Indian “tech pioneers,” such as Vinod Dham (photo from Wharton School), who created the Pentium chip, and entrepreneurs like Kanwal Rekhi and Vinod Khosla, who co-founded companies like Excelan and Sun Microsystems.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, now more than half of the technology workforce in the Bay Area is comprised of Asian Americans (this statistic includes Indian Americans). Between 2000 and 2010 the proportion of Asian American tech workers jumped from 39 percent to 52 percent.

There are currently 9 Indian American CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, less than two months ago, Indian-born Satya Nadella was named Microsoft Corp.’s chief executive officer, making an Indian American one of the most powerful tech executives in the world.

He joins other Indian American CEOs of major U.S. companies, including Sanjay Mehrotra of SanDisk, Ravichandra Saligram of OfficeMax and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe Systems.

For more information about Indian Americans in top U.S. business positions, read the article at IB Times. Also see an infographic by TiEcon for more highlights on the importance of Indian Americans in today’s business world.



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