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Salon: Why a Muslim American family went into hiding

Sarah HarvardImagine being so afraid of racial prejudice and discrimination that you change your name and hide your racial identity (Facebook photo).

That’s the story a Muslim American tells in Salon about her family after 9-11.

Sarah Harvard (pictured) was in third grade when the twin towers were brought down that morning in New York City.

“You’re a terrorist,” her best friend in elementary school said to her.

Things got so bad the family decided to change their last name to Harvard in a bid to shield themselves from hatred and discrimination.

When they practiced their religion, they did so behind closed doors to not give away their secret.

Although its not the same, this story reminded me of a picture I recall seeing put up by Chinese American merchant during World War II. The merchant wanted to make sure people knew he was Chinese and not Japanese because he feared the racial hatred directed at the Japanese would be directed at him.

I tried to find that picture on the internet, but was unsuccessful. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please clue me in.

Anyways, the story by Sarah Harvard is a sad, but fascinating one. You can check it out in Salon.

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