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Stephen Colbert responds to #CancelColbert

posted by Randall

Stephen ColbertThe apocalypse has arrived.

Hell has frozen over.

The Colbert Report has been cancelled.

That’s how The Colbert Report started off its show Monday night.

I didn’t notice because I was too busy immersed in opening day of baseball.

I have priorities, folks.

But I digress.

I caught up with the Colbert Nation this morning by watching clips on the internet.

Fear not, Colbert fans.  Colbert’s cancellation was all a dream–a dream that included actor BD Wong who had a role as Dr. George Huang in Law & Order–SVU from 2001 – 2013.

Wong played Colbert’s therapist in the dream.

See Colbert isn’t racist because some of his best friends are Asian.

Seriously folks, I don’t think Colbert is racist either. He’s a liberal entertainer who takes his act to the edges of absurdity, and gets away with it most of the time because he’s a card carrying liberal with a legion of devoted fans.

He tried to distance himself from his Ching Chong character last night, which his fans remind all of Colbert’s critics is meant to lampoon those who really are racist.

Colbert reminded folks that Ching Chong is just a character. That only Stephen Colbert speaks for Colbert. I found that line of reasoning a bit perplexing.

He can’t on one hand glow in the comic spotlight as a master satirist while on the other hand distance himself from the character when the message from that character might be misconstrued.

Colbert either needs to stand by his character or get rid of it. But he can’t have it both ways.

I did agree with two things Colbert said last night.

He advised his fans to stop attacking Suey Park who launched the #CancelColbert hashtag and has been the target of verbal and sexual threats.

He also acknowledged that the folks behind the promotional Twitter handle for his program made a huge mistake sending out the Ching Chong Tweet without context.

You can watch the clips addressing the controversy on the show last night in the clips below.



You can also check out Jenn Reappropriate‘s take on last night’s Colbert report.
She’s one of the most analytical and insightful bloggers out there and deserves a read.

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