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LA Times: Ted Lieu loses support over SCA5 in Congressional race

posted by Randall

Ted Lieu & FamilySix Democratic state legislators have pulled their endorsements of California State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) in his congressional race to succeed retiring Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills).

The Los Angeles Times reports the action comes after Lieu withdrew his support for SCA5, a proposed constitutional amendment that would have reinstated the use of affirmative action in public university admissions.

“As lifelong Democrats, we support the core democratic values of inclusion and diversity and we expect the candidates we support will share these values. Our constituents depend on us to take even the most divisive issues and use our leadership to help bring people together and guide the path toward progress.

“At this point, we cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate who does not share that perspective,” the six wrote in a letter.

The six who signed the letter are State Senators Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens, Norma Torres of Pomona and Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles and Assembly members Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego, Anthony Rendon of Lakewood and Jose Medina of Riverside.

In his response, Lieu said “I have fought my whole political life to ensure that inclusion and opportunity for all communites remains paramount in all decisions we make. I view every action I take through that lens.

“To distort my position into anything other than that is fundamentally unfair.”

You can read more about Lieu’s rivals in his race for Congress in the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Justin Sha says:

    RE: Ted Lieu loses support over SCA5 in his Congressional race: Asians have faced huge historical discrimination that continues to this day. In fact, studies have shown that we are the racial group in America that would be deemed as “least American” and the most likely to face discrimination by blacks, latinos, and whites in social contexts. There is such a thing as Asian fetishization and emasculation. If we’re talking about micro-aggressions, this is one that runs rampant in all communities, especially the latter in other minority communities.

    Affirmative action is discriminatory against Asian Americans, and is the second biggest biggest hurdle (the glass/bamboo ceiling) that Asian Americans face. Why should we be held to higher standards that everyone else? It’s not fair and not in accordance with the American ideals of fairness and equality when everyone should be accepted on the basis of merit. When we have a society that gives plus points or minus points based on something as incontrollable as race, you have a problem.

    The problem Affirmative Actions seeks to address is historic discrimination against minority communities. In the case of Asian Americans, this is just another level of discrimination leveled against us.

    As a kid, you shouldn’t have to be told that you have to score 200 points on your SATs higher than your black friend when you’re in middle school so that you can get into the same college. It’s not fair to either kid. On one side, there’s discriminatory injustice against the Asian American kid and on the other against the African American kid because you are reinforcing the societal idea that the Asian kid is smarter and somehow better and that the black kid is inferior and *needs* to get special treatment because otherwise he can’t compete against higher performing races, i.e. Latinos, Whites, and Asians statistically speaking under the standards set by Affirmative Action.

    On 1/30/2014 the California Senate, controlled by the Democratic supermajority, approved Senate Constitution Amendment No. 5 (SCA 5), which would repeal provisions of Prop 209 and allow the State of California to deny an individual or group’s rights to public education on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in favor of “diversity”.

    It has since been put dead in its tracks thanks to social media, news media, town rallies, petitions, and so forth thanks to the political engagement of historically non-represented and non-political Asian American groups.

    As one commenter on… correctly pointed out:

    “Asians are victims of their own ignorance in many ways. By ignoring politics, by ignoring the system, Asians are victimized. Asians now represent 14% of CA population, yet they comprise only 4% of the CA legislature. Asians have no political power and suffer the consequences. The big upside to all of this, as the article points out, is the potential increase in political engagement by all Asians. Thank you Mr. Hernandez.”

    My point in writing this status is that I want to encourage everyone to speak up and be not only politically aware but politically ACTIVE. And if my upbringing is anything to judge by, most of my Asian American friends (especially until recently) were anything but.

    It’s the only way.

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