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XO Jane: Discussing White privilege can be a difficult conversation

Kristina WongKristina Wong puts it bluntly.

“Broaching the topic of “White Privilege” is not synonymous with “All white people are evil and, I hate them all.”’ she wrote in her blog for XO Jane.

The comedian jokes that discussions about race and privilege can clear out a room pretty quickly of whites. Her statement is not far from the truth.

Race is a conversation few people want to have. Discussions about privilege can even be more difficult. But as Kristina points out, they are necessary.

Kristina writes “If you are a white person who gets nervous when white privilege gets brought up, imagine having to navigating racism in every day life as a person of color who must live with it. Imagine systemically being locked out of better education or healthcare, job opportunities or the mainstream American narrative.”

Buzzfeed recently came out with a check list to measure your privilege. It’s a good conversation starter and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to fill out.

Check out the list and then read Kristina’s blog on XO Jane. How privileged are you?



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