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KPCC: Asian Americans split on affirmative action

SCA5 ProtestDespite how the story is being framed by the media, not all Asian Americans are opposed to affirmative action in higher education (Photo by Leo Wang).

The most vocal opposition to SCA5 came from the Chinese American community, but even in that community there is division.

SCA5 would have opened the door in California to the use of race as one criteria for admission.

KPCC reports the issue has caused hard feelings.

“We have a lot of work to do to bring some healing,” said Stewart Kwoh, president of Asian Americans Advancing Justice. He supports affirmative action.

He thinks common ground can be found by working to expand opportunities for all, especially the poor.

“It’s a no win situation,” said Rosemead City Councilwoman Polly Low, who opposes bringing affirmative action back to public universities.  “It just pisses people off.”

“Unfortunately, it also created some racial tension,” she said. “It’s sad.”

You can read more about this deep rift and some of the retaliation several Asian American lawmakers have faced for withdrawing their support for SCA5 on KPCC 



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