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Breitbart: Ward Connelly says diversity must be managed “so we are not destroyed by it”

Ward Connerly Throughout the United States and especially in states like California, diversity is celebrated. For Ward Connerly, the pursuit of diversity is something he fears.

Connerly is the the man who has become the African American face of the anti-affirmative action movement.

“I have long felt–and said–that the challenge in California is not to “build diversity” but to manage it so that we are not destroyed by it,” said Ward Connerly in a blog for Breitbart.

His piece really give you a glimpse into his mind. I have no doubt that some will applaud his words while others will scoff at them.

I repeat them here with no comment and will let you decide what to make of them.
He wrote:

“The characteristic that seriously threatens the value of merit is the foolish pursuit of “diversity,” which has transformed our nation quite profoundly and is largely erasing one of the most fundamental American values–equal treatment for every individual…

“Diversity is not the central quality of America. Equal treatment is what guides and informs American culture.

I do not oppose our diversity. My objection is to the pursuit of it, which inevitably results in discrimination.”

You can read his blog in its entirety at Breitbart.

Let us know what you think.


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