Lubbock Online: Chinese American faculty at TTU comes to defense of embattled utility chief


Glen RobertsonChinese American faculty at Texas Tech University is accusing the Mayor of Lubbock, Texas of conducting a witch hunt against Gary Zheng, the director of Lubbock Power & Light.

 Lubbock On Line reports the faculty released an open letter to Mayor Glen Robertson (pictured) saying they “have been deeply troubled by the series of events revolving around Dr. Gary Zheng.”

Robertson has called for Zheng’s firing, although no formal charges have been filed.

“As no evidence can be found, you just want to have Dr. Zheng fired on the basis of your own allegations,” the open letter stated.

The letter compared the campaign against Zheng to the case against Wen Ho Lee, a former nuclear scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who was accused in the media of being a Chinese spy.

Zheng said he did not encourage the group to write the letter on his behalf.

Robertson denied the charges.

“This issue is much bigger than Gary or myself,” he wrote. “… It has nothing to do with anybody’s ethnic background, only the ability to perform job duties.”

You can read what lead up to this controversy in Lubbock On Line.






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