Salt Lake Trib: Chinese Americans reclaim history for Chinese railroad workers


Chinese Americans & the Transcontinental Railroad Some 200 Chinese American and other Asian Americans today showed up in mass to Promontory Point, Utah to correct an historic wrong committed 145 years ago, reports the Salt Lake Tribune (Photo from Central Pacific Railroad Museum).

They recreated an iconic photograph of railroad workers celebrating the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

It was a photograph that excluded any of the 15,000 Chinese pioneers who played a major role in building that railroad.

The gathering was organized by Corky Lee, who has made it his life passion to document the Asian American experience with his photographs.

He called it a “neglected and forgotten piece” of Asian American history.

Among the participants was a famous Asian American Olympian and descendants of some of those workers who built the railroad.

You can read about that in the Salt Lake Tribune.

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