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Slate: Millennials don’t understand racism

MillennialsA survey of millennials ages 14 to 24 by MTV has found they are more tolerant and diverse, but are confused about racism, reports Slate (photo by Itupictures)

84 percent say their families taught them to treat everyone equally and 72 percent say their generation believes in equality more than older generations. So that’s the tolerant and diverse part.

The confusion over racism comes when they are asked how they are treated personally.

Only 10 percent of the white respondents said they felt excluded because of their race and 25 percent said they’ve been hurt by racial offenses.

Yet 48 percent of the white millennials say discrimination against whites is as big of a problem as discrimination against minorities.

As a result of this desire for color blindness, 88 percent believe racial preferences are unfair and 70 percent believe the same way regardless of historical inequalities.

You can read the full survey results on Slate.







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