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Asian Americans Shift decidedly toward Democrats. Republicans scrambling

Asian Pacific Democratic ClubAn analysis by the Gallup Poll has concluded Asian Americans have shifted toward the Democrats in the 21st century more than any other ethnic group.

This as Republicans scramble to win them back.

The New York Times reports Asian Americans have been alienated by the Republican party core constituency of evangelists and the party’s resistance to immigration reform.

Add that the affinity many Asian Americans feel with President Barack Obama who spent his childhood in Asia and you have the makings of a major shift.

Despite that, Republicans are trying harder than ever to convince Asian Americans that they are the party that best represents their core values.

The GOP kicked off the Asian Republican Coalition earlier this month at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

It’s a radical shift for a party which has virtually ignored the Asian American vote.Asian American Republicans

“The Asian-American community as a whole [has] commonly shared values around education, entrepreneurialism, the support of small and medium-size business — that all sounded to us like those were Republican Party values,” Thomas Britt said. “We viewed the formation of the ARC as an opportunity to reacquaint the Asian-American community with the commonly shared values that they have as a community and that the Republican Party also shares.”

But as the Gallup poll shows, their efforts may prove to be a steep climb.

You can read more about the Asian Republican Coalition in Newsmax.

You can read more of the Gallup analysis in the New York Times.




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