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Slate: Study debunks myth about Asian Americans & sex selection abortions

Sex Selection Abortion report Opponents of abortion have successfully pushed legislation in eight states banning sex based abortions.

Supporters of the ban argue that some ethnic groups, particularly Asian Americans, are more likely to have an abortion if the baby is a girl.

“You cannot explain the male to female demographics that are occurring in birth ratios in some ethnic groups here in the United States, and this is widespread, unless you account for sex-selective abortion,” said Spencer Cody of South Dakota Right to Life.

Slate reports on a new study from the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum and the International Human Rights Clinic of the University of Chicago Law School.(an earlier version incorrectly attributed this report to a different publication)

That study relied on census data to conclude that foreign born Asian Americans and Indians don’t have birth rates that skew toward boys. In fact “Asian Americans have more girls than white Americans.”

Further debunking the myth, China and India don’t have the worst sex ratios at birth. Liechtenstein and Armenia do, followed by Hong Kong and Azerbaijan.

You can download the full report here.


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