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Race Files: Asians are not your shields against racism

Google A recent article in the Washington Post by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, who worked as a legal adviser to Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action measure in California, holds up Asian Americans as proof that racism does not exist in America.

What started all this is recent labor statistics released by Google which shows Asians make up 30 percent of its workforce.

In a rebuttal in Race Files, Scott Nakagawa points out the inconsistencies in Volokh’s argument. He says the UCLA professor argues on one hand that Asian Americans have managed to overcome discrimination and then on the other hand maintains that discrimination against blacks and Latinos is exaggerated.

Nakagawa goes on to say, ” In reality, not all Asians have made it, and even those of us who have done pretty well in the U.S. aren’t doing nearly as well as white people.”

It’s a very well thought out argument, one that is nuanced and shouldn’t be boiled down into a a brief summary.

You can read it for yourself in Race Files.


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