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Clutch Fans: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by Houston Rockets

Jeremy LinThe Houston Rockets are now openly talking about sending Jeremy Lin packing, reports  Clutch Fans.

In its bid to lure New York Knick Carmelo Anthony into a Rocket uniform, the team posted a huge picture of Carmelo in a Rocket jersey, wearing number 7.

That just also happens to be Jeremy’s number.

Rocket GM Daryl Morey put it bluntly.

“Bottom line, if Carmelo comes, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin have to be traded,” said Morey. “It’s just math. It’s not personal. My job is every day figure out how to win. Sometimes it creates challenging situations.”

Up to now, Lin has been pretty philosophical about the prospects of being traded, saying
“My first year and a half, I dealt with my name being surrounded with getting cut and things like that,” Lin said. “Then it was my name being surrounded with trades. So I would much rather take the second one than the first. I am not really too worried about it.”

This time Lin admitted to being a little hurt.


Morey’s reacted to Lin’s tweet with a matter of fact shrug of the shoulder.

“Reality is it’s standard practice. When we went after Chris Bosh a few years ago, we had him in (Luis) Scola’s number. When we went after Dwight Howard he had (Pat) Beverley’s number. I get the sensitivity and I hate that it creates some hurt feelings. I don’t like that, but that’s obviously Carmelo Anthony’s number, that’s the number he wants. He told us that.”

Did he, Morey? Are negotiations really that far along with Anthony that he’s already demanding a certain number jersey? It seems unlikely.

Carmelo has played for just two teams his entire NBA career. He wears number 7 now, but wore number 15 during his 7 years with the Denver Nugget. He couldn’t wear 15 with the Knicks because that number had been retired by the team to honor Knick greats Earl Monroe and Dick McGuire.

Also its common practice when a new player takes someone’s number, the team or the new player asks the player with that number first if they can have it.

According to Jeremy’s agent, no one asked or warned Lin that a blown up picture of Anthony in Lin’s number was about to go up.

You can’t blame Lin for speaking out. You had every right and reason to do that.


  1. RE: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by Houston Rockets: We want Jeremy back in NYC! Knicks had best season In 15 years with Linsanity.

  2. RE: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by the Houston Rockets: Funny how he asked Carmelo what number he wants. You usually don’t do that until he agrees to a contract. He’s just getting a little too ahead of himself. Don’t count your chickens Morey. Melo likes to play the field.

  3. RE: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by Houston Rockets: When Morey recruited Howard, there was no number on the jersey. So, there was no need for Beverley, who had #12 to be upset. If they could leave the number off Howard’s billboard, why couldn’t they have done the same for Melo?

    See Howard’s billboard:


  4. RE: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by Houston Rockets: well actually yes, don’t now where you pulled the Morey quotes but he also said Melo made it clear it’s the number he wants.

    • I find it difficult to believe Anthony was talking about what number he wanted. Doesn't seem like a point of negotiation when you haven't even agreed to a contract yet.

  5. RE: Jeremy Lin feels disrespected by Houston Rockets: Come on. Asian rules based on Confucious don’t apply in America or Western culture.

    Wake up and smell the Starbucks Mochfrappalattecappucino!

    In America, if someone slaps on your left cheek, you punch in the left side of his head and knock him out. That’s the American way. You stand up and fight for your people, your family, and your friends.


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