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CNN: Why Everyone Needs an Asian American Superhero

Superheroes of India An Indian digital artist on Facebook is getting some attention with his redesign of comic superheroes with a South Asian flair, reports IBN Live.

Raj Kamal has set up the Facebook page, Superheroes in India.

For Kamal this is a lot more than an exercise in creativity. That’s certainly something Jeff Yang can understand.

In his blog post for CNNYang says the world of comics provided an outlet and fantasy for him he didn’t get from TV or the movies.

“I learned early on that expecting to see someone who looked like me in a heroic role on TV or in the movies was like waiting for a unicorn to wander into our living room,” wrote Yang. “When Asians did show up, it was usually in thankless, forgettable roles as nameless henchmen or comic relief: mules and donkeys, not unicorns.”

When one sees a representation of themselves on even the comic pages, its an affirmation that I’m recognized, that I’m no longer invisible and that I’m part of the fabric of society.

You can check out Kamal’s creations on Superheroes in India and find out how Yang developed a sense of himself through the comic pages on CNN.


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