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WHAS: Democratic Operative’s Tweet about Elaine Chao Draws Rebuke

posted by Randall

Elaine ChaoA tweet sent out by a Democratic worker is drawing controversy for its offensive racial nature, reports WHAS-TV.

Kathy Groob got into a Twitter war arguing that Elaine Chao, the former labor secretary and wife of Republican US Senator Mitch McConnell, can’t possibly be from Kentucky, “because she’s Asian.”

That drew a firestorm on Twitter from folks who didn’t see the relationship between being from Kentucky and being Asian.

Groob Tweets about Elain Chao

Groob tweet about Elaine Chau
The Democratic party quickly rebuked Groob’s comments saying “These comments are abhorrent and have no place in Kentucky politics. We strongly denounce them,” WHAS reported.

For the record, About 50,000 Asian Americans live in Kentucky, according to the US Census. As of 2009, 81 percent of their children were American citizens.

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  1. Frank Cheng says:

    Democratic operative Tweets About Elaine Chao Draws Rebuke: First we have Bob Beckel on Fox News s making racist comments regarding Chinese on air, now we have a prominent “feminist” Democrat making anti-Semitic statements. Wake up people, racism towards non-whites is still well and alive in the American consciousness today. And just because these Democrats hide under the disguise of “feminism”, “social-equality”, and “pro-immigration reform”, they are not any better than their counterparts in the Republican Party.

    Now with China rising both as a political and economic power globally, that sentiment will likely grow stronger. And I’m sure these politicians, whatever their political affiliation may be, will continue to incite these anti-Chinese, anti-Asian sentiments for their own political gains.

    Let’s get the facts straight, China did not come here and twist any arms to ship jobs overseas. Elaine Chow did not twist arms of those American CEOs while she was in office to send jobs overseas. Those decisions were made by room full of white men (& women) in every board room in America for economic reasons.

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