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New Teen Jeopardy Champion Prepped for 10 Years

posted by Randall

Jeff Xie

By Shirley N Lew

Jeff Xie practiced pushing a pen while watching the popular game show, “Jeopardy!”  as if he was answering the questions himself. After almost a decade long desire to get onto the game show and lots of pen pushing, the new Teen Jeopardy champion was finally eligible to apply as a teen contestant. He said his family was very supportive of his decision.

To prepare for the tournament, the 17-year-old teen from Edison, NJ read a lot. But, when I asked Xie if there was a challenging topic he faced during the tournament he chuckled and said, “Yeah, all pop culture questions. Like, uh no, I’m not getting this.”

The final episode of the game show was recorded four months earlier, which meant Xie and his family had to keep mum until the viewing party they held with close friends and family.  Everyone was very happy when they learned he won, he told to me.

Xie took home $75,000 as the grand prize winner of “Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, “ in a rare tie breaker which ended with Xie being quick with his trigger finger over Alan Koolik of Boca Raton, FL.  The final episode aired last week on August 1.

I asked the soon to be high school senior about his next aspiration which is to be on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.”.  He replied, “Well, it was kind of like I hope they will invite me and if they do I would accept.” He then added, “But, I know they don’t have scientists come onto the show.”

The future scientist enjoys being at home, reading and spending time with his older sister, Suzie.  With $75,000 in his pocket, he can now easily pay for his future trip to England and France, and his sister’s trip to Japan as well.

Xie is currently interning at Columbia University during the summer and intends to study astrophysics.

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