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Ugly Asian American Verbally Attacks Taiwanese Bus Driver

posted by Randall

bus assault by ugly Asian AmericanThe ugly American, in this case, the ugly Asian American is going viral on You Tube.

The Shanghaist reports a passenger got upset when the driver missed his stop and then began to verbally assault the driver.

The video is hard to watch and includes a lot of four letter words. At one point, it looked like the passenger was going to physically attack the driver, but restrained himself.

I’m amazed at how much other passengers got involved, trying to calm the ugly Asian American. When it looked like he might get physical, little ladies about half the size of the irate passenger ran up to the front of the bus to calm the situation.

You can read a bit more about who the passenger was and who he was with in the Shanghaist .

The video of the incident is below.

Update: Jason has reportedly issued a public apology.

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  1. catmom7 says:

    RE: Ugly Asian American verbally attacks Taiwanese bus driver: Can we say an obvious case of ROID RAGE?
    Not excusable.

    1. jason in shanghai says:

      RE: Asian American verbally attacks Taiwanese bus driver:just because he has a US passport does not mean he was raised in the USA. in fact he is for all intents and purposes Taiwanese. His cursing is grammatically incorrect and anyone raised here would know how to curse better. please see my comments below also… to call out ABC or American is just not fair…
      and the author is trying to incite …. anti ABC or Anti american sentiment?

  2. jason in shanghai says:

    RE: Asian American verbally attacks Taiwanese bus driver: First, it is not fair to call out that he is an ABC or American. He might hold an American passport, but he has lived in Taiwan many many years. For all intents and purposes he is Taiwanese. Stating he is American in the tag – line serves only to incite anti ABC or anti American sentiment. Second, his curses are grammatically incorrect, and clearly a “chinese person” trying to imitate american slang/cursing. read the transcript or listen carefully and you know he was not raised in the USA. There is no evidence that he pushed the button late or did not notify the driver of his intent to get off. There just is none. He is upset mainly because his wife is pregnant and now SHE has to walk back in the dark in her present state. Finally, if anyone has ridden the bus in China or Taiwan, you know that to avoid congestion in major stops (like people’s square in any major chinese city) bus drivers will often skip the stop to avoid 20 minutes of gridlock and missing their schedule. Is is rant appropriate… HECK NO… but making this about ABC’s or Asian Americans is not right. And clearly if your wife was pregnant, maybe you’d be upset if she had to walk back in the dark a mile or two because some driver just decided not to stop (again no proof either way regarding his notifying driver, or if driver chose not to stop).

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