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USA Today: George Takei Apologizes for Joke about Disabled

George Takei George Takei regrets a post on his Facebook page many felt ridiculed members of the disabled community, reports USA Today.

The post which showed a meme of a woman standing up in a wheelchair with the caption ‘There has been a miracle in the alcohol isle (sic).”

Takei who has revitalized his career with the help of social media has quite a following, with 7 million likes on his Facebook page.

Both his meme and subsequent apology have reached quite a few people.

“I learn from each of the responses that we get from the memes that we post,” said Takei. “Particularly on this one. I was enlightened on the various degrees of disability of people who use wheelchairs. I learn something every day. And life should be a continuing learning experience.

“One should have the ability to apologize for the mistakes,” Takei added. “And there’s a realization of one’s ignorance of some life realities.”

The mistake isn’t likely to stop Takei from posting his humorous stories on Facebook. He explains his formula for success in USA Today.


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