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New American Media: Are Politicians Pandering to Korean American Community?

Sea of JapanThe Korean American media is responding to an editorial in the Washington Post accusing politicians of pandering to the Korean American vote, reports New American Media.

The editorial called out candidates Democratic candidates Barbara Comstock and John Foust for their campaign promise to push for text books that challenged the name of the Sea of Japan in favor of the East Sea.

“It’s fair to ask whether Ms. Comstock and Mr. Foust, neither of whom has any particular expertise in international affairs, should be poking their noses in a bitter dispute between two U.S. allies,” the editorial read.

Korea favors the name the East Sea over the Sea of Japan which they say resulted from Japanese imperialism.

An op-ed published in the Korean language site, NewsIs,  said America is partly to blame for the current dispute for legitimizing Japan’s colonial takeover of Korea.

You can read more of the op-ed’s response to the Post in New American Media.




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