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Asian American Film Lab Expands to Five Cities

AAFL TVThe Asian American Film Lab will soon begin airing its films in four new cities across the United States.

Viewers in New York have been enjoying Film Lab Presents on NYC Life for the last year.

Starting Sunday, you’ll be able to watch content from the Film Lab in four new cities on Crossings TV in  Chicago, San Franciso, Seattle and California’s Central Valley.

*Film Lab Presents*, a television series medley of bold,
innovative and diverse American stories hosted by Jennifer Betit Yen and
Maxwell Turner and directed by Ryan Hayward, is now in its second season on NYC Life.

The new series will air on Sunday, beginning on September 14, 2014, on
CrossingsTV and will have different air times in different markets based on
the CrossingsTV programming line-up for each individual market. The
airtimes will be as follows:

New York/New Jersey – 8:30pm, ch. 1519 (Time Warner Cable)

Central Valley – 6:30pm, ch. 238 (Xfinity)

Chicago – 4:30pm, ch. 691 (Xfinity)

San Francisco – 4:30pm, ch. 238 (Xfinity)

Seattle – 5:30pm, ch. 152 (Xfinity)

CrossingsTV Marketing Director, Daniel Sakaya, said, “CrossingsTV is
literally where cultures meet.  We’re looking forward to adding even more
diverse content from the Film Lab that we hope will appeal to all of our

“The Film Lab is so happy to be working with CrossingsTV to share
entertainment that reflects genuine, authentic portrayals of the world we
live in,” commented actor and Film Lab President, Jennifer Betit Yen.
“This is about, not only diversity, but also providing great, fun,
enjoyable entertainment for people of all colors.”


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