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Huff Post: International Adoptee Wonders Why She Can’t Be Accepted as White

AdoptionA 21-year old woman adopted from South Korea when she was just 3 months old wonders why no one can accept her as white (file photo by Laura).

Elizabeth Connolly was raised by white parents and grew up with English as her first language. Her parents sent her to culture camp every summer for three days where she bonded with other Asian adoptees. She says she’s proud to be Asian and a Korean adoptee, but writes in the Huffington Post “I wish Korean American were an ethnicity I could escape for though my ancestry may be Korean, my culture is not. All too often a Korean ethnicity is prescribed to me without question or insight into my personality and history. ”

Elizabeth argues her definition of race and identity may be different from others because her experience has been so different.  Are you an adoptee who has dealt with similar issues? What are your thoughts on this and how is Elizabeth’s experience similar or different from yours?

Read her blog in the Huffington Post and share your thoughts below.

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  1. RE: International adoptee wonders why she can’t be accepted as White: No one GIVES A CRAP. I am the only one who has commented on any of these hundreds of posts about asians in America, guess what NO ONE GIVES A CRAP ABOUT ASIANS. You have 695 followers on facebook, ENOUGH SAID.

    • RE: TruthHurtsDealWithIt comment on international adoptee wonders why she can’t be accepted as White: This started as strictly a Twitter feed, which has 3600 followers. So stop your whining

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