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Angry Asian Man: Fed Ex Driver Leaves Door Tag Notice for “Ching Chong”

posted by Randall

Fed Ex racist tagA Federal Express driver has been suspended after leaving a delivery notice and filling out the recipient’s name as Ching Chong Lee, reports Angry Asian Man.

The customers real name is Chang Lee. Somehow Chang became Ching Chong.

Federal Express told the family the employee in question is not with Federal Express, but an outside contractor. The company also says the employee is not a “native” to this country, as if somehow that’s an excuse.

Federal Express says it has penalized the contracting company and its employee has been suspended for several days.

Diana L who was visiting her parents in Northern Virginia and discovered the notice isn’t satisfied.

“Although I appreciated the manager’s prompt attention, I do not consider this issue resolved,: said Diana L.  “I don’t wish that the individuals be terminated from their employment, I’m looking for FedEx to the inappropriateness of this incident and provide training to its employees. The shock, embarrassment, and offense experienced by my family is not one that should be experienced by anyone, especially in this day and age and in an area as diverse as northern Virginia.”

This isn’t the first time a delivery person has left a racist epithet for a customer. You can read more about that in Angry Asian Man.

The Federal Express incident is similar to a “ching chong” incident at Whole Foods in New York covered by AsAmNews, but unlike the Federal Express incident, an employee of Whole Foods didn’t write the word “ching chong,” he said it to a customer’s face. That issue remains unresolved as Whole Foods is refusing to issue a public apology, refusing to schedule a face to face meeting with community members about the matter and refusing to even discuss cultural training for its employees.

AsAmNews continues to follow that story and will post updates as warranted.

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  1. crypro says:

    RE: Fed Ex driver leaves door tag notice for “Ching Chong.: WHAA WHAA WHAA somebody say somthing mean to me! WAAHH!

    1. Randall says:

      RE: Fed Ex driver leaves door tag notice for “Ching Chong”: Crypro, if someone was unfortunate enough to hire you, I predict a trip to HR soon for you.

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