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Pacific Daily News: Is It Ever OK to Spank A Child?

posted by Randall

corporal punishmentThe experience of Hannah Cho Iriarte is similar to many of us. She was spanked as a child and can recall vividly many of the times her parents used a rod on her. She wrote about her experience in the  Pacific Daily News.

Today Iriarte is a first time mom.  She faced with an issue many parents in today’s society face. Is it ok to hit your child?

NFL lineman Adrian Peterson faces charges of child abuse after he hit his four-year old and left marks still visible on his son’s body 10 days later.

Like Iriarte, I too was spanked as a child. I raised both a boy and a girl. I have to admit I did spank them on occasion, perhaps a handful of times for the two of them combined–although if you ask them, they might say it was more than that.

Nonetheless, it was not something I wanted to do. The timeout was a more frequent punishment in our house.

Various readers of Iriarte’s column chimed in with their own thoughts on the issue. You can read many of those comments in the Pacific Daily News.

What’s your take? Is spanking an effective form of punishment? More importantly, is it ever appropriate?



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  1. RE: Is it ever OK to spank a child? Yeah, I got spanked as a kid. Let’s see….Hand, slipper, belt and Hot Wheels track. Thing that sucked was, I’m the oldest of 4, and as the other ones came along, the spanking incidents exponentially decreased. And the 2nd one was a girl so she got spanked less as well. The youngest two rarely ever got spanked if I could recall. So, being the one that unfairly got the brunt of the spanking, none of the other siblings can relate to my experience.

    Would I spank my kids? Well, I have none so far, so that’s not an issue I’m worried about right now.

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