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Huff Post: What’s With the Fascination With Weiner Size?

posted by Randall

Love Life of an Asian GuyBlogger Yama Yawson takes on the “outrageous stereotype” in the Huffington Post –the size of an Asian American man’s penis (photo from Love Life of an Asian Guy)

Asian American men in Hollywood are perceived as effeminate, wimp and geeks. To put it bluntly, Asian American men are supposed to have small penises.

As an African American woman, Yawson sees the problem of an entire gender being abandoned by their own race. She says Asian men and black women are the most unlikely to find partners outside of their own race and have been virtually abandoned by potential mates in their own race (see the video below).

She quotes a recent Pew Research Center study which found that 36 percent of Asian American females married outside their race versus 17 percent of Asian American men.

“Time after time after time, Asian girls were saying, ‘I’m not interested in you; I’m only interested in white guys,'” said Ranier Maningding, the founder of the blog, The Love Life of an Asian Guy. “It’s our kryptonite,” Maningding adds talking about the myth about the Asian man’s penis.

Writes Yawson:

“I don’t think that any generalizations can be made about men of Asian descent except for the generalization that they are men, and that their lineage is Asian! Similarly, I don’t’ believe that all men of African descent have large penises. Moreover, does it even matter? Does a man need a large penis to be a good lover? I don’t think so. According to some researchers, 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone, so the vast majority of men are going to have to be more “creative” to please their female partners, regardless of penis size.”

Despite the stereotypes, there are gifts connected to being an Asian American man. You can read about that in the Huffington Post and watch the clip of Yawson’s interview with Maningding below.


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  1. White guy says:

    RE: What’s with the fascination with weiner size?: What you never hear about is the ton of white guys with small penises and that the guys in pornos most likely have been artificially enhanced like their female counterparts.

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