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Re/Code: Dao Nguyen Named Publisher of BuzzFeed

Dao NguyenBuzzFeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti has named Dao Nguyen the popular website’s new publisher, reports  Re/Code.

For the last two years, BuzzFeeds unique monthly visitors have increased five times to 150 million users.  Much of that credit has gone to Nguyen who served as BuzzFeeds manager of data science team.

In his memo to his staff, Petetti wrote:

We are redefining the role of Publisher to reflect the way the world works today where technology is the core of publishing. This is very different from the traditional role where the title is inherited within a family business, like the Sulzbergers at the New York Times, or in the magazine world, where the Publisher is often the person responsible for selling advertising and overseeing business operations.

Dao is a new type of Publisher. She isn’t the heir to a newspaper baron and she won’t be responsible for the business, selling ads or physical newsstand distribution. Instead, she’ll lead publishing for the social web, in the most modern sense, where data science, the CMS, technology, and a deep understanding of social networks, mobile devices, and digital video matter most. If publishing is “the activity of making information available to the general public,” then I’m confident Dao will become the very best publisher in a rapidly changing industry where technology and data science are the key to success. Dao has been a key player and innovator at BuzzFeed, and I’m so happy she’s accepted this role as the first Publisher of BuzzFeed.

You can read the memo in its entirety in Re/Code.



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