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Pick-Up Artist Accused of Promoting Sexual Violence Against Japanese Women

Julien BlancBy Shirley Ng

This guy is really disturbing. According to The Guardian, Julien Blanc, an American and self-proclaimed dating coach with a PhD in “female attraction” (oh really?) holds seminars that offers advice on how to pick up women to lonesome men, but his advice blatantly promotes sexual violence. He obviously has not done his research with female focus groups. Women do not like violent men. Duh.

He has an online video on how to sexually assault women in Japan which is incredibly disturbing. The video tells men that if a woman isn’t’ giving them any attention, grab her head and put it in your crouch and shout “Pikachu” at her. He claims Japanese women thinks this is playful. Sick.

It’s infuriating that he believes this violent behavior to exploit women is acceptable. It’s actually nothing short of rape and promotes predatory behavior. What’s also frightening is that he has been profiting from men who are willing to pay $3,000 for his seminars.

One woman has already begun a movement to shut Blanc and his perversive seminars down.  Jennifer Li of Washington D.C. created the hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc and is now used throughout social media.

“When I watched the video, there were a million things going through my mind: how he was abusing his white privilege, how he was abusing his male privilege, how he is dehumanizing Japanese women, how he is committing sexual assault, how he is teaching this to other men, and how this will affect Asian women everywhere,” said Li, in the The Japan Times Watch Li’s Youtube video on why she wants to stop Blanc.

Many hotels and other venues have cancelled his seminars as a show of solidarity to women and to not have their good name tied to a monster. Some of Blanc’s social media networks has already shut him down. Thank God.

When I find a man worthy of my attention, it is his smile and ability to know how to treat a lady that attracts me,  not how he beats one.

Normally, I would include links to sources, but in this case I rather our readers not even visit Blanc’s remaining social media networks.

If you have a wife, sister, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother…any woman that is greatly important in your life. You will want to #TakeDownJulienBlanc now and sign Jennifer Li’s petition on Change.org.

Here are additional stories on #TakeDownJulienBlanc from Mashable and The Japan Times.

(This post is changed to correct Blanc’s nationality)




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