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Feminists Uniting to End Fetishization of Asian Women and to Take Down Julien Blanc

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Julien BlancBy Amanda Day

After video of Pick Up Artist (PUA) Coach Julien Blanc showed crude treatment of women in Japan, a movement was born. November began with an unrelenting campaign to stop Blanc from training men to brazenly harass and assault women in Japan. His arrogance was infuriating, his “methods” were just short of criminal, and it was a blow to the endless campaign of women fighting to be treated as equals in everyday society.

While Jennifer Li’s petition went viral as did her hashtag, #takedownjulienblanc, the enraged Asian American women worked furiously to put out press releases and establish a list of media contacts and organizations. Investigations began immediately into Blanc’s social media and internet activities. The more digging the women did, the more apparent it became this wasn’t an isolated incident meant to be provocative. It was just a small portion of an extensive web of objectification, racism, sexism, and bigotry that originated from Blanc and his “coaching” seminars spanning multiple platforms in the digital world.

Upon further investigation and testimonials from women who have interacted with Blanc, his social media has been a nauseating trail of evidence proving his method of harassment, manipulation, degradation, and assault. From choking women in Europe to joking about abortion and destroying women emotionally so they’ll do anything sexually, Blanc would stop at nothing to push the boundaries. Below is a selection of tweets from RSDJulien:




Within hours of the petition posting, Al Jazeera English had reported on the campaign and people in Australia were mobilizing to protest, boycott, and make life as difficult as possible for the Real Social Dynamics employee and his students. Hotels, restaurants, and event venues refused to accommodate the group. The city of St. Kilda was adamant that they wouldn’t grant the company an event permit to use public space. Masses turned out to his relocated event in Melbourne and protested until it was cancelled. Blanc didn’t show up but sent his assistant instead.

On November 7th (AEDT), Melbourne authorities confirmed Blanc left the country after his visa was revoked. The story has been picked up in countries from Japan to the UK, and Australia to Canada. As of writing, Real Social Dynamics is working swiftly to remove blogs posted under Blanc’s name one their website, but not after new volunteers have begun archiving his web footprint. There may be nothing that this growing group of activists can do to have Blanc prosecuted for crimes he’s committed, but there’s a growing effort to force him back to the United States to face the backlash back home. Notorious activist group Anonymous tweeted in the early morning hours of November 7th (PST), that Julien Blanc isn’t a U.S. citizen and to start packing his bags. Blanc claims in many of his training videos that he grew up in Switzerland.

One thing has been easily proven to Blanc and his followers. He can’t travel the world perpetuating racist and bigoted stereotypes while harassing women in order to fulfill his sexual desires or over-inflated ego. He might have boasted about “submissive” Japanese women, but the growing activism surrounding his atrocious behavior is completely dispelling the myth that the populace will let him do whatever he wants as he so gleefully stated in his video.

As of this posting, there is no new information on whether or not Blanc still plans to travel to Japan nor is there any comment coming from the Japanese government as to whether he’ll be allowed entry.

Amanda Day is a third generation Japanese American, activist, fan of policy studies, and an enraged Asian American woman.



Pick-up Artist Accused of Promoting Sexual Violence on Japanese Women

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  1. ruby says:

    RE: Feminists uniting to end feteshization of Asian women: The problem like people like this, is they MAY escalate in their ANGER and commit murder.

    1. AsAmNews says:

      Re: Feminists uniting to end fetishization of Asian women: Ruby, not clear on who the "they" is that you are referring to. Either way, seems like a stretch to me.

  2. sister h says:

    Good work, women!

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