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Boston Mag: Mark Wahlberg Wants Pardon for Attack on Vietnamese Man

posted by Len Patel

Mark WahlbergActor Mark Wahlberg wants his 1988 conviction for an attack on a middle aged Vietnamese man wiped off his record, reports Boston Magazine.

The attack left the man blind in one eye, according to  ABC. The then 16-year old used racial epithets during the attack. Wahlberg also used racist language against a group of African American school kids.

Wahlberg, now 43, made his pardon request to the Massachusetts Parole Board. He made no reference to the racial nature of his attack in his request.

“The more complex answer is that receiving a pardon would be a formal recognition that I am not the same person that I was on the night of April 8, 1988. It would be formal recognition that someone like me can receive official public redemption if he devotes himself to personal improvement and a life of good works,” Wahlberg wrote.

If the Parole Board backs Wahlberg’s request, the final decision will likely be in the hands of Governor-elect Charlie Baker.

You can read what Wahlberg hopes to do if he gets his pardon in Boston Magazine.

What do you think? Does Wahlberg deserve to have the attack wiped off his record?



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  1. RealMericanMedia says:

    RE: Mark Wahlberg wants pardon for attack on Vietnamese man: I would grant the pardon only if he commits to producing content that advances the image of Asian Americans and other people of color.

  2. Corky Lee says:

    RE: Mark Wahlberg wants pardon for attack against Vietnamese American: Rich white guys think they can just wipe the slate clean, but a crime, race related or not is still a crime. I hope the Chinese never fund any movies he’s proposing.

  3. mike says:

    RE: Mark Wahlberg wants pardon for attack on Vietnamese American: ​I’ve seen all his movies and reality show episodes but now how come I can’t even stand to look at his ugly old racist face and greedy,short body that still made no restitution to his victims?

  4. Henry says:

    RE: Mark Wahlberg wants pardon for racial beating: Record can never change no matter who you are n what you do……

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