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IGN: Ming-Na Discusses her Evil Twin and Tonight’s Mid-Season Finale

Ming Na WenThe mid-season finale of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs tonight on ABC.

Ming-Na Wen who plays both Melinda May and her evil twin Agent 33 told IGN we can expect the unexpected.

“We’ll be off the air for about two and a half months (will return March 3 to make way for Marvel’s Agent Carter .) We want to make it a great cliffhanger, said Ming-Na. We’ve got Whitehall’s team trying to find this alien city and Coulson’s team is trying to get there first. So there’s a race between the two factions.”

The introduction of Agent 33 this season has added an extra layer of intrigue to the series and the audience has responded favorably. Ming-Na was told by the producers that when Agent 33 was introduced at New York Comic Con, fans went crazy. The actress particularly enjoyed it when Melinda May went one on one in a battle scene with Agent 33.

“When I was told by the producers that there’s going to be a May on May fight I got all giddy because I’ve always wanted to play a twin. It was on my bucket list. And then once I got the script, I started sweating bullets. It was just like, oh goodness, that’s a lot of undertaking.”

You can read Ming-Na’s thoughts on May’s growing relationship with Skye and the evolution of her dealings with Phil Coulson on IGN.





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