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Daily Illini: Why Black Lives Matter to Asian Americans

Eric Garner protestAsian American students at the University of Illinois gathered to discuss the recent grand jury decision in the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, reports the Daily Illini.

Organizers wanted to create a space where other students could gather to discuss the issues brought out by the decisions not to prosecute the police officers in the case.

“I wanted there to be other spaces for other groups to talk about this,”  S. Moon  Cassinelli said. “So I decided to reach out to other graduate students in different departments who I know do research and are interested in these issues. I wanted to think about how to get together and create a space where we can talk about how as non-black people of color we can help support movements like Black Lives Matter.”

Students wanted to show solidarity for the movement and also saw it as an opportunity to discuss broader issues they face as minorities on campus.

“Shared histories of violence is one way to connect groups of color, but it doesn’t have to be the only way,” Cassinelli said. “It can be about relationships to education, it could be across class lines or labor lines or gender issues.”

How has your campus or community dealt or not dealt with the issues in the Ferguson and New York? Tell us about it.


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