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Why Fans Are Working So Hard to Save ABC’s Selfie

SelfieFriday nights Tweetathon urging Hulu to pick up Selfie and order new episodes generated some 2,300 tweets and retweets.

The event was so successful, organizers have announced the next Tweetathon will take place this Monday from 8-8:30 pm Eastern/5 – 5:30 pm Pacific.

AsAmNews asked one of those organizers, Jamie Schneider, why she cared so much. Here’s what she wrote:

“Honestly I care for so many reasons. I’m used to every show I like getting canceled and it sucks every time, but every once in a while you find a show so witty, deep but light hearted, with a hilarious, diverse cast, who create an comedy ensemble unlike anything we’ve ever seen, comparable to only Friends, the Big Bang Theory and maybe Brooklyn 99 as it grows.

“Every aspect of this show is remarkable. That’s where the disservice ABC’s marketing of the show take over and why most dismissed it prior to airing. With most judging the book by it’s cover, which I did as well at first, they missed out on a journey about finding yourself beyond what others see, not to mention just a really well written and produced romantic comedy which we need right now.

“It’s amazing to me the layers of the characters and the depth we’ve been taken in such a short period. I feel like John Cho is one of the most underrated actors of our time, his brilliance leaves me in awe, not to mention the singing performance.

“The cast and crew poured their hearts and souls into this project and we all feel it. Both the good feels and the ones that leaves us heartbroken. What other show could do that in so few episodes? This could be the next sitcom phenomenon. The next Friends. They didn’t get the chance they deserved and I’ll fight until they do!

Thank you for supporting them! #saveselfie and to @EmilyKapnek without her we may not have seen such a uniquely brilliant show. It’s one if a kind and we were discussing earlier that we wouldn’t likely see anything else like it again.


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