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Staff of SNL Asserts White Privilege

posted by Randall

Asian American dollThe staff of Saturday Night Live has had more than a few controversies involving the Asian American community.

It’s obvious that over the years, the folks at SNL don’t see anything wrong with putting white actors in yellow face. They’ve done it numerous times, much to the chagrin of many Asian Americans.

The writers and actor at SNL call it humor. Those offended by yellowface call it racist and insensitive.

It’s common to ridicule such views as politically correct. The term politically correct over the years and what it stands for has become an excuse to be rude and insensitive. In other words, I don’t care what you think because I don’t agree with you. I have the voice box to express my views–a national TV network with a large audience. I’ll use it even if it offends because your views don’t matter. The lily white staff of Saturday Night Live, whether they know it or not, are asserting their white privilege.

They did that again last night when they lampooned those who advocate for more culturally sensitive dolls and other toys. I disagree with the message, but at least the message was done this time without resorting to yellowface and other racist caricatures.

NBC has removed the clip of the sketch, but you can catch it about 11 minutes into Saturday’s episode.


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  1. RE: Staff of SNL asserts white privilege: I think that SNL falls under the category of satire. Sometimes, satire is meant to offend in order to make a point. They’ve lampooned African Americans, Latinos, gays, religious groups, etc., and the show, much like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, The Onion, Borrowitz Report, etc. are not meant for the politically correct. Neither are stand-up comedies. Just my two cents.

    1. AsAmNews says:

      Re: Staff of SNL asserts white privilege: We don't disagree that it is satire to make a point. However, our point is that Asian Americans don't have a large platform like NBC to make OUR points. Sure, there are a few Asian Americans here or there on network TV and in Hollywood studios. But by and large, we are isolated. That's quite different from the white staff of SNL. That's white privilege.

  2. Corky Lee says:

    RE: Staff of SNL asserts its white privilege: I recall there was a planned protest @ NBC last year but was shelved because of the winter Olympics. It never materialized when SNL started live programming again. APA’s should reignite the protest.

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