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Jeremy Lin a Polarizing Figure in LA

posted by Randall

Jeremy Lin boxing workoutA wide variety of opinions surround Jeremy Lin.

Depending on which analyst you believe, Lin is either a one season and done journeyman with the Lakers or is falling victim to a superstar beyond his prime.

Lin scored just four points in 21 minutes for the Lakers in a 108 – 101 defeat at the hands of the Sacramento Kings Sunday. Lin attempted just three shots and appeared more interested in getting his teammates involved. He had a team high 5 assists in limited minutes.

Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, continued as a volume shooter. He had 25 points, but hit just 8 of 30 shots. That’s a very poor 26 percent from the field. More and more people are increasingly criticizing him for caring more about how many points he scores than whether the Lakers win or lose.

A blog in the Bleacher Report predicts Lin is likely to be gone from the Lakers after the season. The article by David Murphy criticized Lin for inconsistent, non-aggressive play.

Are Lin’s struggles the result of a lack of talent, his under utilization, or his inability to adjust to the Lakers style of play?

According to Sportige, the Lakers would be better off without Bryant on the court. The article by Greg accused the team of ignoring Lin.

Which side of the argument do you fall?

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  1. Vikkin44 says:

    RE: Jeremy Lin a polarizing figure in LA: Lin was planned as a backup guard to Nash. Instead of embracing a starting position in LA we find that he has not grasped the Princeton system. It’s complicated so I feel Scott thought he could eventually grasp it. Laker fans expect him to play defense, defense has led to all of our banners. But just like McHale learned, Jeremy is not a defensive guard. So in our system, similar to the old Boston Celtic system, the ball is not in your hands all the time. It’s a reacting type offense. I believe as most in Lakerland he’s gone by the February trade deadline, if we can find another team interested.

  2. Corky Lee says:

    RE: Jeremy Lin a polarizing player in LA: If Lin has several “break out” stellar games win or lose for the Lakers, he should prove invaluable to the team. His faith & I guess religion will keep him grounded. I’m sure Michael Chang had his doubts after only winning the French Open & never winning any of the big tournaments afterwards. However, Lin does face more pressure.

  3. Tom says:

    RE: Jeremy Lin a polarizing figure in LA: Most people with knowledge of basketball would agree that Byron Scott is an objectively, overall inept coach. It doesn’t excuse Lin’s overall inconsistent performance thus far, but he can only do so much with Kobe jacking up 30 shots a game and a clueless coach.

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