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Community Rallies Around 64-Year Old Man in Beating

posted by Randall

Qingyou LiA coalition of diverse Asian American groups in New York City are rallying around Qingyou Li, a 64-year old Chinese man they say is unjustly charged with assault.

Li lives with glaucoma and his vision is significantly impaired in one eye.

His supporters say he was walking in Flushing when he accidentally tripped over a dog’s leash.  A young man walking the dog became angry and refused to accept Li’s apology.  Li says the man beat him, forcing him to the ground on his knees and into a fence.

Li says a young woman with the man then bit one of his hands. Li shoved the woman away who now says Li struck her in the face. Li says the woman began to kick him in the head and body.

Li was ordered arrested despite injuries to his eyes, face, shoulder, leg, and hand. He does not speak English, but police refused to provide an interpreter. Li called his white brother-in-law who is bilingual in Chinese & English, but says police refused to allow the brother-in-law to tell Li’s side of the story.

Li attempted three times to file a cross complaint, but was not allowed to until his third attempt and visit back to the precinct.

Supporters are demanding charges be dropped against Li. The groups include OCA-NY Asian Pacific American Advocates, North America Chinese Calligraphy Association, Chinese Mountain Club of New York, New York Chinese Opera Society, Bodhi Foundation, MinKwon Center for Community Action, and Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York.

A petition on now has nearly 2,000 signatures. That’s almost four times the original goal.




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  1. Mike says:

    RE: Community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: I’m sick of these old men who run over everyone and their dogs and kids and don’t even try to apologize.

    1. Yogi says:

      RE: Community rallies around 64-year-old man in beating: It says in the article, the old man accidentally tripped over the dog’s leash. The old man did apologize but the young person would not accept it. It’s all on the third paragraph.

      1. Mike says:

        RE: Community rallies behind 64-year old man in beating: Why would both the guy and girl be so mad if he apologized. And why would the cops only arrest the old man. Conspiracy against an innocent senior citizen? Or more to the story?

        1. Randy says:

          RE: Mike’s comments on community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: Probably the same reason why you’re making such comments here, racial discrimination

          1. Mike says:

            RE: Community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: But I’m the same race as the old man. What race was the violent couple??

          2. Frank M says:

            RE: Community rallies around 64-year-old man in beating: yo, Mike. being of the same race does not mean you cannot discriminate against someone of your own race, just less likely. eg a black can discriminate against a black, if that black treats another black person differently from a non-black person. The couple was white. So, if you (an Asian) believes everything, even if unproven,the couple alleges but disbelieves for no valid reason, anything the Asian man says even if everything he says is proven, a prima facie case of racial discrimination is established.. . Read up on your discrimination law, young man…and don’t forget the section on age discrimination.

          3. Mike says:

            RE: Community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: So you’re saying the Asian cop and me are discriminating against this Asian man and arrested him whilst setting the violent couple free.

          4. Mike says:

            RE:: Community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: It’s not traditional Chinese culture to have delicate manners. Likewise it’s a Puerto Rican trait to stick their noses in matters where they incorrectly assess the situation. So this lethal combination’s confrontation shouldn’t surprise anyone if it results in such a melee lol

          5. Mike says:

            RE: Community rallies around 64-year old man in beating: This reminds me of the old man who ran over a small dog in the park with his bike. And also the Puerto Rican who tried to beat him until I intervened and thwarted him

            Both are in the wrong.

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