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Quartz: Selfie Deserves “New Lease on Life”

posted by Randall

SelfieA blogger who once considered the now cancelled ABC show Selfie unwatchable now says it deserves to be brought back.

Jeff Yang in a column for Quartz says the show has built a committed fanbase and “has got better, much better.”

After getting cancelled by ABC, the remaining unaired episodes were released on both Hulu Plus and

A #SaveSelfie campaign to bring the show back for a second season generated more than 70,000 tweets in both November and December. Hundreds of fans have phoned Hulu urging it to renew the program. The number of times Selfie has been viewed on Hulu Plus has been described as “notable” by ABC.

Inquires to both Hulu Plus and ABC asking for their reaction to the #SaveSelfie  campaign and the chances the show could be resurrected have so far not been returned.

The thirteenth and final scheduled episode debut on Hulu Plus last Tuesday, but for an unexplained reason, its been held back from

This is admittedly pure wishful thinking on my part, but could it be ABC is holding back the final episode  to see how many new subscriptions to Hulu Plus Selfie can generate? Could it be ABC is planning to air episode 13 on broadcast television and is saving it for then? Someone poor cold water on my face. I have no facts to back any of that up.

Nonetheless, Yang in his blog says what Selfie has increasingly gotten right with each episode is reflecting a new polycultural society lived by today’s millennials.

You can read about that in Quartz .







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