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Boston Globe: Mark Wahlberg’s Prosecutor Opposes Pardon on Racial Grounds

Mark WahlbergThe woman who prosecuted Mark Wahlberg says the actor hasn’t done anything extraordinary to deserve a pardon for his racial assaults 26 years ago.

Judith Beals who is no longer in the District Attorney’s office felt so strongly about it she wrote an opinion piece for the Boston Globe.

Wahlberg beat Thanh Lam and Hoa Trinh in an act that Beals describes as showing a  “tendency toward serial acts of racial violence.”

Wrote Beals:

“Wahlberg’s repeated racial epithets revealed an equally racist motivation albeit toward a different class – making clear that bigotry harbors no boundaries. But this time, Wahlberg was even more violent, breaking a five-foot pole over Thanh Lam’s head and punching Hoa Trinh to the ground. For this, he served 45 days in prison.”

In an earlier incident involving Wahlberg, Beals secured a verbal warning against the now actor for hurling rocks and racial epithets at a 12-year old African American.

Beals also wonders why Wahlberg has never acknowledged the racial nature of his crimes.

You can read her entire argument against Wahlberg’s pardon in the Boston Globe.

(A photo earlier published and misidentified as Wahlberg has been replaced)


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