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Gant Daily: MSNBC Agrees to Ban “The Muslim Guy” as Guest

Arsalan IftikharAn outspoken human rights attorney and advocate for Muslim Americans has been banned as a guest on MSNBC after controversial remarks he made on the cable network, reports Gant Daily.

Arsalan Iftikhar, founder of MuslimGuy.com, stated that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal “might be trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin” after Jindal continued to insist there are “no go” zones in Europe where Muslims are allowed to establish neighborhoods governed by Islamic law.

Fox News last week apologized for its reporting on “No Go” Zones, admitting it was inaccurate.

Iftikhar’s comments were later called inappropriate by MSNBC.

“We found this guest’s comments offensive and unacceptable, and we don’t plan on inviting him back,” the spokeswoman said.

Just last week, Iftikhar made the news when CNN anchor Don Lemon asked if he supported Isis just moments after Iftikhar condemned the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and said he had no problem with the portrayal of Muslims in the satiric publication.

What do you think of Iftikhar’s latest remarks? Was it racist as some have described? Was MSNBC’s response appropriate?





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