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Bad Ass Asians

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Sportige: Asian American Player Hit with Racial Slurs Gets Last Laugh

posted by Randall

Reed NakakiharaReed Nakakihara is the starting point guard for Foothill High School in Santa Ana, California.
He averages 16 points per game. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that opposing fans would taunt him in an attempt to throw him off his game.
What he didn’t expect were the racial taunts he received from fans of Esperanza in Anaheim, reports Sportige.
“Jackie Chan,’ and ‘shrimp fried rice,’ or ‘chicken fried rice,’ something like that,” Nakakihara said the students were chanting. “I’d love to see the fans be able to chant things whatever they want, but they should refrain from when they get personal about race, maybe back off about that.”
Nonetheless Nakahihara had the last laugh. Foothill won 61-57.
You can watch Nakakihara in action and hear what he and Esperanza’s principal said about all this in the clip below from KCBS.

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  1. RE: Asian American player targeted with racial slurs: Prejudice racial or otherwise is a a direct result of bad habits that are learned out of ignorance because nobody just wakes up and says. .”hey I’m a racist!”

    1. Thomas Clark says:

      RE: Asian American point guard hit with Racial slurs: Robert D. Ichikawa, if the people saying these Racist Statements are non white than it is not Racism. Only all white people are racist, no non white people are Racist.

  2. Mad Korean says:

    RE: Asian American player targeted with racial slurs: As a former teacher I would never allow this type of behavior in my classroom or my school. Ever.
    And all of my students were well aware of this fact.
    The Coach and Administrators of Esperanza High School should stepped up, told the students to shut up, and stated they would forfeit the game if the racist chants continued.
    You cannot tell me that there was no one single adult Coach, Administrator, Teacher, or Staff Member in that gym when the racist chants started.
    The Staff of Esperanza High School not only tolerated the racism, they actually encouraged the racism by refusing to do anything about it.

  3. Alan Honda says:

    RE: Asian American player targeted with racial slurs: True Japanese American response, “Don’t make waves”. But waves should be made by the Principles. It’s because of the “Don’t make waves” attitude assault, robbery and murder cases aren’t aggressively pursued. We’ll see if the media follows this.

    1. Thomas Clark says:

      RE: Asian American point guard hit with racial slurs: If it is a non white that made the racist statements than this issue will be dropped. If the persons making the racist statements are white it will be played up by the media since only white people are racist. What Racist kills, robs Asians the most? Should Japan be considered Racist if they don’t want non japanese immigration? Should Japan Towns be called Racist because there are not any black people living there? Should Japan be forced to accept black immigration?

  4. JuJuBe says:

    re: Asian American point guard targeted with racial taunting: He should respond with: I thought they had high expectations for themselves

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