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Bleacher Report: Houston Reportedly Wants Jeremy Lin Back

Jeremy LinIn a surprising turn of events, the Bleacher Report‘s Howard Beck reports that the Houston Rockets “remain high on (Jeremy)Lin and are expected to be among his chief suitors this summer.”

Lin’s three year 25 million dollar contract expires at the end of this season. He originally signed it with Houston in 2012, but was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a salary dump as the Rockets unsuccesfully went after high priced free agents.

SB Nation explains that the Rockets could be in need of a point guard as their contracts with Patrick Beverly and Jason Terry are also expiring. It was Beverly who replaced Lin in the starting line up last season primarily because of Beverly’s superior defense.

Lin would likely have to sign for less money as he admits he is having the worst season of his career since Linsanity captivated the nation’s imagination in 2011.

“It’s just everything,” Lin told the Bleacher Report. “It’s the toll of everything…I guess I always have expectations for myself, right? Like I’ll always have expectations for myself, or always believe that I can do this or I can do that, or I can be this player. And when I feel like I’m not reaching my potential, that’s disappointing.”

You can read a revealing interview with Lin and about his deteriorating confidence in the Bleacher Report.

What do you think?  Do you think Jeremy Lin would even consider going back to Houston?






  1. Houston let Lin go twice already. Would you go back if you were Lin? They will just bring him back and step on his confidence again. There is no chance of unleashing Linsanity in Houston. They don't deserve his services. They only want him back now after realizing how enormous the asian market is.

  2. Re: Houston Rockets Reportedly wants Jeremy Lin back: Hell no. Houston has become a classless organization and the fanbase is just as bad. Besides, Even with their current roster they still aren’t contenders.

  3. RE: Houston reportedly wants Jeremy Lin back: I think Jeremy would consider it. He is friends with a number of the team and THEY respect his play. Now if McHale is still coaching, I’m not so sure. I think Jeremy will go to the team that both wants him and where he fits best or will be given the chance to run the offense. The Rox don’t fit that well but I’m sure he’ll consider them if they genuinely want him. He might choose starting with a team he fits less well than coming off the bench with a team whose tempo and play fit him best … that would not be wise but if the $$ were right, I think he’d go wherever he got the best pay day.


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