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Columbia Spectator: Students Respond to Hateful Bigoted Comments

posted by Randall

Colubmia SewaAn article on transnational feminism in the Sikh community on campus in the Columbia University student newspaper has triggered a hateful and bigoted response from anonymous students.

The panel was organized by CU Sewa, a group dedicated to the Sikh tradition of selfless service, according to the Columbia Spectator.

“Campus rape is basically regret sex” posted one anonymous student.

“None of you will ever be white. Stop trying,” said another commenter. “White feminism doesn’t care about you.”

In response Sewa wrote:

“Many women face day-to-day micro-aggressions, such as cat-calling, slut shaming, and job discrimination. The Internet has, unfortunately, created a similar platform for harassment, but with the added benefit of anonymity. Comments that focused on the physical appearance of Sewa members reduced these members to their bodies; the increased focus on their bodies resulted in a lack of attention paid to their voices. An example of cyberbullying, this also parallels the street harassment that many women face on a daily basis and is precisely what the #emBODYSouthAsia photoshoot addressed. Objectification has a new platform: social media.

“Creating safe spaces is a way for groups to mobilize and voice their struggles. By reclaiming space, we can transform domains of privilege into sites that cater to a multitude of identities and experiences. What Sewa would like to see is not only the fostering of healthy conversations in safe spaces, but also a push to challenge these dialogues. However, this kind of dialogue can only be healthy and productive if honest and respectful language is used, participants are given an equal voice, and resources are provided to educate and empower.”

You can read their full response in Columbia Spectator.

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