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Nerds of Color: Bruce Lee Must Be Rolling in His Grave

posted by Randall

Bruce Lee StatueBruce Lee was not only a bad ass for his martial arts prowess and on screen presence, he knew how to represent Asian America.

If a producer handed him a scene that didn’t seem authentic, he would speak up.

If a script included a demeaning line about Asian Americans, he would voice his objections.

If a part was full of stereotypes, he would turn it down.

Thus word that several white actors are being considered to play his role in a possible remake of Enter the Dragon must have Bruce dusting off his nanchucks.

According to a report in Nerds of Color, director Brett Ratner has expressed an interest in remaking the classic movie.

The names of Scott Adkins and Ronda Rousey are already being thrown around as people who could step into Lee’s role as the Shaolin martial artist.
Never mind the merits of remaking a movie that has been preserved in the National Film Registry and the Library of Congress. Why would they want to white wash one of the best role in movie history ever played by an Asian American?

As previously reported on AsAmNews, the family of Bruce Lee has given its blessings to an up upcoming biopic on Bruce. That should be enough.

Let’s not ruin one of his classics by whitewashing it. It’s a bad way to pay tribute to a screen legend.

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