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Telegraph: Mindy Kaling’s Brother Poses as Black to Get into Med School

posted by Randall

Vijay ChokalingamIn a book sure to be cheered by opponents of affirmative action in school admissions, the brother of Mindy Kaling has written about how he posed as Black to get into medical school, reports the Telegraph.

Vijay Chokalingam said he applied with a 3.1 GPA, or a B average, in 1998. He said he trimmed his long Indian eyebrows, shaved his head bald and changed his middle name to JoJo. On his admissions, he talked about the time he spent in Nigeria as a child.

He said he received consideration from Harvard, Pennsylvania and Columbia and was eventually admitted to St. Louis University in Missouri.

The book is titled Almost Black. Critics say Vijay does not provide any direct evidence he was rejected as an Indian American.

You can read what motivated him to write his book in the Telegraph.

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  1. Tommy says:

    RE: Mindy Kaling’s brother poses as Black to get into med school: Looks like a sellout douche trying to capitalize on his sellout sister’s success with some nonsense garbage. Mindy kaling = Indian Ken jeong; not a good thing.

  2. MED HEAD says:

    RE: Mindy Kaling’s brother poses as Black to win admittance into med school: I say good for him for highlighting the weaknesses of the system and the double standard.
    Wow and they think the real story is his skin color…I would be MORE interested in WHERE he got in as obviously that tells the REAL story… instead of letting people in who worked for their grades and actually reached the standard acceptable level…here is a story that highlights how sub standard grades are accepted. What MED school accepts doctor potential with SUB GRADES…holy snap!!!! There in lies the real rub….just like in hiring by companies. instead of hiring based on SKILL it is more about filling these compartmentalized boxes of “lets make everyone feel like they belong” political mumbo jumbo so there is mediocrity. GEESH that’s the real story. SKILL takes the back seat ….now there is a book I would read. Now a B average is nothing to sneeze at but obviously the doctor lists required further scrutiny I think he got in as they heard who his sister was The real story is IT”S ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW that is what opens doors

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