Thursday 22nd February 2018,

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Daily Mail: Miss Japan Universe Speaks Out about Racist Backlash She’s Facing

posted by Randall

Ariana MiyamotoThe first ever Miss Japan Universe of mixed-race heritage is for the first time talking about the racist backlash she’s received since winning the crown, reports the Daily Mail.

Ariana Miyamoto is hafu,  the Japanese term for being half Japanese. Her mother is from Japan and her father is African American.

She says the racism she’s seeing now is nothing new. It’s something she experienced growing up in Japan.

‘There was pretty much a spasmodic vomit of racial abuse heaped upon me,” she said on a Japanese television talk show about her childhood. “I was called a n****r by some of my peers. Some of them threw trash and even a blackboard duster at me.”

 Despite her appearance, Miyamoto  considers herself Japanese “through and through.”

You can read her father’s thoughts on the backlash and some insight into the homogenous Japanese society in the Daily Mail.



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  1. Jheri Curl says:

    RE: Miss Japan speaks out about racism in Japan: Japan is NOT homogenous, has never been. Before the Yamato (largest ethnic group) arrived the Ainu was already there, as well Uchinanchu in Okinawa.

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