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It’s Not About You, Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang being himself.
Hey, there’s no denying Eddie Huang is THE MAN.
His memoir Fresh Off the Boat is the reason Asian Americans are seeing themselves reflected on broadcast television on a weekly basis for the first time in 20 years.
While some have cringed on the faux accents by actors Randall Park and Constance Wu, most have applauded it because much of the audience sees a bit ofFresh Off the Boat with Randall Park & Constance Wu themselves on television. Whether its growing up as an outsider, seeing your culture spit at by others simply because you’re different, or identifying in a music that speaks to you, Fresh Off the Boat has attracted a legion of loyal fans because they identify with the plot lines and the characters.

Yet, as some of you might have heard by now, Huang is once again expressing his deep regret at the direction the show has taken.

Here is a sampling of a collection of tweets he’s released.






Eddie may not recognize it, but the show’s many fans do.

These fans will let out a collective moan so loud it will be heard all the way to Taiwan if Fresh Off The Boat isn’t renewed for a second season.

Yes, that’s right. There’s no guarantee the show will get a second season. The ratings ticked up slightly Tuesday, but overall has trended south since its strong start.

Huang has made it clear he’d like his father Louis’ dark past to be portrayed on the show. Eddie says he was the victim of domestic abuse and wants that to come out. He wants to see the show reflect more of the pain he felt during his childhood.

There’s still time Eddie. Geez, they’ve only produced 13 episodes. The rest of us are looking forward to seeing more. It may be time for THE MAN to shut his mouth.


  1. Leave him alone. The show isn’t about you either. It’s his work and his life and he can criticize it as much as he likes. Shame on you for silencing a fellow ASian American.


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