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Complex: Racist Song Uncovered at Texas High School

Grapevine, TexasA rap by two White students at Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas near Ft Worth has surfaced that’s drawing comparisons to the SAE fraternity chant at the University of Oklahoma, reports Complex (Photo by GravevineTxonline).

The unnamed girls sing about lynching Blacks and make frequent use of the N word. It also goes after Latinos and Asian Americans with not only racist, but vulgar and violent language thrown in too. Here’s a sampling directed at Asians

“Enough on the beaners. Lets turn up the hate. Lets talk about the ones that are Asians. Damn mother f**king open your tiny eyes. I want to kill you. Eat some damn fries. How do you blindfolding Asians, hit them with that tooth floss. Yeah you have been craving.”

“The song is so dope, they be tripping on my rope. Fried rice, fried soup yeah smoking on that dope.”

As you can see, the song is totally non-sensical. Racism always is.

The school’s principal sent out a letter of apology to the school and parents.

“This type of language is not reflective of the culture of respect, understanding and sensitivity toward others that we expect at Grapevine High School and Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.

“The audio was recorded and first posted on social media almost two years ago in June 2013. We just became aware of it recently. While I’m angered at this reprehensible behavior, the school does not have any legal authority over this event which occurred when the school was not in session. That said I assure you we take this situation very seriously and are taking appropriate action where possible.”

Perhaps equally as reprehensible is that it took two years for this to come to the attention of the school. An awful lot of people likely heard this song and kept quiet about it. Silence is acceptance and as intolerable as the song itself.

The girls have both issued letters of apology, but you have to wonder about the sincerity of the letter given that they were likely written with a gun pointed to their heads.

You can read their letters along with the complete letter from the principal on Complex

You can also check out the video report below.

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