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Live Blog: Who’s Winning #MayPac

posted by Randall

Pacquiao-Mayweather fight poster

Manny Pacquiao is about to speak.

“I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough,” said Pacquiao. “I’m happy. I fought a good fight. I thought I won, but I’m going back to my hotel to see what’s happening. I’m want to thank God for everything he’s done for us.

I’m very proud of Manny.” said Freddie Roach, Manny’s trainer. “I thought Manny fought a good fight. We’d love to do it again. Hopefully that’s in the future.”

Manny is now answering questions.

“It’s been two weeks I didn’t train good because I could not use my right hand,” referring to an injuring to his shoulders that occurred during training camp. One week before the fight, my shoulder was getting better and better. At least I could use it.”

Manny revealed he asked the boxing commission for permission to get an injection, but the permission was denied.

He said he had to skip his training for a couple of days due to his injury.
Roach said at one time they had thought about postponing the fight, but as time went on the shoulder was better and they thought the progress was good enough and that’s why they stayed with the fight.

“The fight is still good. But the thing is what we want to do we could not do because of my shoulder.”

On Mayweather, “He’s fast, he’s a good fighter. Give credit to him.”

He said he had to back off with combinations because his shoulder hurt.

“The lost doesn’t bother me that much because I fought a good fight. Even though I hurt my shoulder, I didn’t complain.”

PacMan said he hurt Floyd three or four times.

“He’s a tough competitor,” said Mayweather after the fight. “I’m just very grateful I won the match. From the opening bell. We both are smart fighters. Manny Pacquiao is a smarter fighter than I thought.”

“My dad wanted me to do more,” referring to Floyd Sr, his coach. “I felt in my heart I was winning. My dad wanted me to throw more combinations.”

As for his history with domestic abuse, Mayweather said “Only God can judge me when all is said and done. Only God can forgive.”

Despite defeat, Pinoy Pride still strong.



Sports Illustrated
has Mayweather winning

Last chance for Pacman to win the fight of the century. round 12

CBS just gave round 11 to Mayweather. Has him up over Pacman as does ESPN.

ESPN gives round 11 to Mayweather.

CBS gives round 10 to Pacman. All is not lost, for Pacman. Or is it?

Is Pacman in trouble. ESPN gives round 10 to Mayweather.

CBS also gives Round 9 to Mayweather. Also has Mayweather up

ESPN gives Mayweather round 9. Thinks Manny will need a knock out to win.

CBS has Mayweather slightly ahead after round 8.


ESPN says both fighters landed good shot in round 8. Fight even.
Round 8 to Mayweather. Round 9 underway.
Sports Illustrated agrees with ESPN on round 7.
ESPN just gave round 7 to Mayweather.
Pacman up 4-3 Sports Illustrated also gave round 6 to Pacman, but had Mayweather up 4-2. Decent body shots from Manny.
ESPN gives round 6 to Pacman. Wow. Up 4-2.
Sports Illustrated has Mayweather up 4-1. Analysts are all over the map on this fight. Anything can happen.
ESPN gives round 5 to Pacqiao. Has Pacman up 3-2.

CBS reported that Floyd Sr told Mayweather he’s fighting scared.

CBS gives round 5 to Mayweather
ESPN calls round 3 & 4 for Pacquiao. Round 5 underway

ESPN has Mayweather ahead 10 – 9 after two rounds.
Sports Illustrated reports fighters exchange smiles after round 2.
Sports Illustrated gives 1st round to Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao has entered the ring, while fans are booing as Mayweather video plays on the screen.

Mayweather is now approaching the ring.

Manny Pacquiao is entering the arena.

First they said fight was going to start 30 minutes after the hour, then 45 minutes. Well, 45 after the hour is three minutes away. tick tick tick. Looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer.

Word is from ringside that #MayPac is 30 minutes away. Had been scheduled to start at 8 pm. Problems Time Warner Cable having with pay per view reportedly caused the delay.

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  1. olats says:

    RE: Live blog: Who’s winning? #MayPac: Manny Pacquiao didn’t lose, he won!!! The fans are the losers!!! Way to go, Manny. keep on getting rich..

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