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Arguments by Asian Americans Against Indictment of Peter Liang in Akai Gurley Case Don’t Hold Up

posted by Randall

Peter Liang Rally in NY Peter Liang is appearing in court this morning for the death of Akai Gurley in New York (Photo by Shirley N Lew).

A trial date is expected to be scheduled in the case during today’s court appearance.

Asian Americans opposed to the indictment say he is being scapegoated .

They point to the fact that white officers accused in other police brutality cases have not similarly been indicted. That may have been true back in December, but it certainly isn’t true now.

The Akai Gurley case happened in December. Lets look at two other cases that have happened since then.

In February, a grandfather from India visiting his grandchild in Alabama was taking a stroll when he was stopped by police for questioning.

Police had received a call of a suspicious Black man in the area and stopped Sureshbhai Patel.

Officer Eric Parker is seen on a police camera slamming Patel into the sidewalk, severely injuring him and leaving him partially paralyzed.

Parker, a white police officer, faces federal charges and, if convicted, ten years in prison. A pretrial hearing is set for June 10, reports Parker also faces separate charges in a district court.

On April 12, Freddie Gray died while in police custody in Baltimore for possession of an illegal switchblade which turned out to be a pocketknife legal under Maryland state law. Gray fell into a coma while being transported in a police van and the coroner ruled he died of spinal cord injuries.

Six police officers, three Whites and three Blacks, face charges ranging from manslaughter to illegal arrest (Photo by CAAAV). Akai Gurley Protest

Much attention to police abuse of Black suspects has happened since Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown. The increased attention may have resulted in greater vigilance on the part of grand juries and prosecutors.

That’s a good thing. As Asian Americans who have joined the cry for justice in the Black Lives Matters movement have said, shooting anyone without provocation should never be legal. If a mistake was made in one case, it doesn’t justify it being made in the next.

As blogger Jason Fong wrote “when you defend bad cops, incompetent police work, and a broken system that protects police misconduct, you don’t help our community. We deserve police who are competent, well-trained, and accountable.”


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  1. Tom says:

    RE: Arguments by Asian Americans against indictment of Peter Liang Don’t Hold Up: Jesus, do you people put any thought into these posts before you put out this nonsense? First of all, Parker is from an entirely different state. Second, he’s being brought on federal charges while Liang is not. Third, people are upset that the Staten Island cop didn’t get indicted when there is clear video evidence of what is clearly manslaughter, yet he was not indicted on a federal or municipal level. It really just makes zero sense to compare Parker to Liang as if it were some validation that Liang wasn’t being scapegoated. Jesus Christ.

  2. Jie Li says:

    RE: Arguments against indictment of Peter Liang in Akai Gurey case don’t hold up: I find many Blacks’ claim very absurd – that “Asians should not be allowed to kill black people just like whites”. But did Liang kill Blacks like White officers? Of course not. It was actually the wall that killed Gurley, not Liang. Has the same kind of “killing” happened to any White officer in recent killings? Not as I know of. What happens to Liang’s case, is like when you are driving on the high way, a body part of the car in front of you suddenly breaks off flying over and kills some one in the passenger sit of your car. Now the driver happens to be a minority. You begin to claim it’s that driver’s “brutality” on Blacks because he should have secured that body part of his car. You claim he killed Blacks like the Whites, and indict him for felony crimes. Funny thing is, when it comes to Whites so doing, you don’t get mad and even would clear him from any wrong doing.

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