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PRI: John Cho & the Attraction of Asian American Men

John ChoJohn Cho got his first big break in Hollywood cast in a non-traditional Asian role in the classic teen romp, American Pie.

As MILF Guy Number 2, his  sexual frustrations were on display for all to see.

He recently commented to PRI about the reputation of Asian American men in general.

“Girls would say, in an almost benevolent tone, that they just had zero attraction to Asian men,” said Cho, 42, repeating something he would hear in his younger years.  “It wasn’t considered taboo to say something like that.”

In his latest role in the short-lived ABC series Selfie, the sexual attraction between Henry, Cho’s character, and Eliza, as played by Karen Gillan, was hinted at, but unfortunately never had time to materialize. Still he thinks the flirtation between the two makes Gillan sort of a hero to Asian American men.

“Prepare for high-fives from Asian men for the rest of your life.”Cho told Gillan. “We are very grateful.”

Cho thinks the portrayal of Asian men in Hollywood is moving in the right direction. He says he is very careful about the roles he plays and the subtle messages his characters send out.

He elaborates on both those subjects on PRI.




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