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TwinCities: Karen and Hmong Students Struggle Academically

lecture hallWhile most people associate Asian Americans with top grades and test scores, not all of our community falls under this stereotype. Tragically, Asian Americans students who don’t meet the curve do not always receive the academic help that they need.

According to Twin Cities, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Asian Americans are the largest racial group, a large percentage of Hmong and Karen students struggle academically.  In both reading proficiency and in math on last year’s Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, St. Paul’s Asian American students lag behind the rest of the state(a 22% differential between these Asian American students and the state in reading proficiency).

“A lot of our teachers have said that our Asian students are sitting very quietly in class, but they’re not learning. I believe that English-learning Karen students are being pushed too quickly into mainstream classes, while Hmong students aren’t being challenged enough. ” Lisa Thao, a special-projects coordinator for the school district’s equity office said.

To learn what a group of Asian American educators is doing to try to improve test scores, visit Twin Cites.


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